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Penang Geographic Information System (PEGIS) Centre received the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award during the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, California. Congratulations!

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Training ePeta PEGIS will be held on 03 November 2017 and will be included in the application ePL @


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About Us

PEGIS (Penang GIS Centre) was established in 1992. Our organization was the first GIS state government agency in Malaysia. PEGIS started as a two-year pilot project, and was designed to address issues arising from land matters, rapid land development, and increasing demand for land related data from the public and private sectors. The objectives were to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of data management, develop an automated tool for spatial database and the dissemination of data and to translate various social, economic and infrastructure plans into action plans. Finally, to support the stakeholders for decision making process regarding land issues.

Our Commitments

Nowadays, PEGIS is among the top government agency to provide spatial information services in Malaysia. As an entity in Penang Secretariat at Development Division, PEGIS is committed to boost up Penang economic growth through web-services using GIS technology. We have good people in various fields. Engineering, Architecture and combined together with Information/Communication Technology (ICT) disciplines are our strength to drive state development rapidly. We provide Geospatial web-based application system for your convenient at anytime and anywhere to utilize our web-services. Our people is ready to assist in term of providing GIS courses and consultation. Finally and all the time, we promote "GIS for everyone".

Our Services

  • GIS Consultation
  • Map Production
  • GIS Software Training
  • GIS Data Capturing


  • ePETA (GIS Viewer)
  • GIS Storymaps

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact or visit us for more information

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Frequent Asked Questions

  • Apakah PEGIS?
    What is PEGIS Centre?

    PEGIS adalah singkatan daripada Penang Geographic Information System.
    PEGIS is an abbreviation of Penang Geographic Information System Centre.

  • Siapakah PEGIS?
    Who is PEGIS?

    PEGIS adalah salah satu unit pembangunan di bawah pentadbiran Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang.
    PEGIS Centre is one of Penang State Secretariat's development unit.

  • Apakah alamat URL PEGIS?
    What is PEGIS's URL address?

  • Di mana saya boleh muat-turun panduan pengguna PeGIS Geoportal?
    Where can I download a PeGIS Geoportal user guide?

    Untuk memuat-turun panduan pengguna PeGIS Geoportal sila Klik di sini
    To download website user guide please CLICK HERE

  • Bagaimanakah saya ingin mendaftar sebagai pengguna berdaftar?
    How do I sign up as a registered user?

    Sila ke alamat URL PEGIS dan klik pada ikon "Sign In". Kemudian klik pada ikon "Login/Sign up" dan pilih "Join us". Lengkapkan borang online tersebut dan klik butang "Sign Up".
    Please go to PEGIS' URL address and click "Sign In". Then click "Login/Sign up" and "Join Us". Please complete the online registration form and submit by clicking the "Sign Up" button.

  • Bolehkah saya mendaftar sebagai pengguna teknikal?
    Can I register as a technical user?

    Boleh, sekiranya anda adalah penjawat awam negeri Pulau Pinang atau Persekutuan.
    Yes, as long as you are public servant of Federal Government or Penang State agencies.

  • Bolehkah saya mendaftar sebagai pengguna teknikal secara atas talian?
    Can I register as a technical user through online application?

    Tidak boleh, anda perlu memuat turun borang permohonan pendaftaran pengguna teknikal dari URL PEGIS di bahagian
    "Download" dan hantar kepada unit PEGIS setelah dilengkapkan.
    No, you need to download the registration form manually from PEGIS's URL at "Download" page and send the completed form to PEGIS Centre.

  • Saya terlupa kata laluan, bagaimanakah cara untuk mendapatkannya semula?
    How can I retrieve my password if I forgot?

    Sila hubungi Pusat PEGIS dengan merujuk bahagian "Contact Us" di URL PEGIS untuk bantuan teknikal.
    Please refer "Contact Us" page at PEGIS's URL for technical support.

  • Apakah "PeGIS Viewer - ePETA"?
    What is "PeGIS Viewer - ePETA"?

    "PeGIS Viewer - ePETA" adalah satu aplikasi GIS berasaskan teknologi web yang memaparkan maklumat geospatial negeri
    Pulau Pinang.
    "PeGIS Viewer - ePETA" is a GIS application using web-based technology to display the Penang geospatial information.

  • Apakah resolusi paparan terbaik bagi menggunakan aplikasi GIS ini?
    What is the best display resolution to be used according to this GIS application?

    Aplikasi GIS ini dibangunkan untuk paparan terbaik pada resolusi 1440X900 piksel.
    This GIS application is meant developed for 1440X900 pixels of resolution for best display.

  • Saya sedang menggunakan aplikasi "PeGIS Viewer", kadang-kadang terdapat beberapa servis/widget tidak berfungsi. Bagaimana untuk mengatasinya?
    I'm using "PeGIS Viewer" application and sometimes the services/widgets are not functional. How to solve it?

    Masalah ini disebabkan oleh proses naiktaraf minor oleh Pentadbir Sistem kepada aplikasi "PeGIS Viewer". Sila padamkan "history" pada pelayar internet anda. Anda boleh lihat cara memadam "history" ini di enjin carian internet seperti Google, Yahoo dan sebagainya.
    This problem happened when our System Analyst is doing a few minor upgrades to "PeGIS Viewer" application. Please clear your internet browser history.You may using search engines such as Google, Yahoo and etc to refer the simple steps to clear the history.

  • Aplikasi "PeGIS Viewer" tidak dapat berfungsi/dipaparkan di pelayar web komputer saya atau terdapat "Error message".
    "PeGIS Viewer - ePETA" cannot be loaded properly to my web browser or an "Error message" popup on screen.

    Sila guna pelayar web versi terkini seperti "Google Chrome", "Mozilla Firefox" atau pelayar web yang menyokong "HTML5" dan "Flash" sahaja. Sila hubungi bahagian ICT anda untuk menaiktaraf pelayar web sedia ada. Sekiranya "Error message" masih berlaku, sila hubungi unit Sokongan Teknikal kami untuk bantuan lanjut.
    Should you please use latest version of "Google Chrome", "Mozilla Firefox" or any web browser that supports "HTML5" and "Flash" page. Please contact your ICT Administrator to upgrade your web browser. If the "Error message" still popup, please contact our technical team for further assistance.