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What is Event Editor?

Available with Location Referencing license.

ArcGIS Event Editor is a map-centric web app that supports linear referenced event data editing. This app is included with ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing.

Event Editor features

  • Route searching—Most event editing workflows are route centric, where the first step of attributing the route is locating the route on the map.
  • Attribute set-based route attribution—Define groups of event layers and named attribute sets to provide attributes across multiple event layers in a single transaction for a from and to measure pair on a route. The event layers can also be stored and referenced in different linear referencing methods (LRMs). The web app takes care of route and measure translations across LRMs.
  • Run quality-control checks—Run QC checks for a route to detect event data gaps, overlaps, and invalid measures; then use the editing capabilities to correct those errors.
  • Event data query and editing—Query for event data by its route association, by ad-hoc queries, by spatial intersecting geometry, or by location proximity. Visualize, browse, and bulk edit the tabular results.
  • Route redlining—Communicate required LRS modifications or discrepancies by marking up a route to communicate to the LRS data managers that a route needs to be created, extended, retired, realigned, or reassigned.

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